Our Regulatory Framework from 1 April 2019

Our new Regulatory Framework and statutory guidance below applies from 1 April 2019. Thank you to everyone who responded to our consultation, discussion paper or attended one of our events across the country. Your feedback helped shape the new Framework. 


Our Statutory Guidance

All statutory guidance is mandatory for social landlords. All other guidance we publish is advisory.

Annual assurance statement  & Frequently Asked Questions 
Consultation where the Regulator is directing a transfer of assets
Determination of accounting requirements
Determination of what is meant by a step to enforce a security over a Registered Social Landlord's land
Financial viability of Registered Social Landlords
Group structures and constitutional partnerships
How to request a review of a regulatory decision
How to request an appeal of a regulatory decision
Notifiable events 

Our Notifable Events guidance as it applies to disposals, constitutional changes and organisational changes applies from 8 March 2019.

Preparation of financial statements
Section 72: Reporting information of material significance
Scottish Social Housing Charter indicators   

Read our advisory guidance - Scottish Social Housing Charter Technical Guidance and FAQs. These apply to Charter returns due in May 2020. For Charter returns due in May 2019 see our current technical guidance and FAQs

Tenant consultation and approval