Social Landlord Portal

We have changed the way that we gather and manage information from landlords and are continuing to develop our Business Intelligence System to support this. Our new system will bring benefits for landlords, tenants and the Regulator including:

  • a single, straightforward system for landlords to submit their data to us on-line;
  • access for landlords to information to compare their performance against other landlords
  • easy access for tenants and other service users to helpful information about how well their landlord is performing
  • a better insight into the information that we use to protect the interests of tenants and other service users

The Social Landlord Portal is a secure area that social landlords can use to engage with the Scottish Housing Regulator and which we use to communicate and provide information to and request information from social landlords.

The Social Landlord Portal allows social landlords to update their Organisational Details and submit data to us. It will be developed to allow other data returns to be made in this way and we will keep you updated on progress as the Portal develops over time.

To access the Social Landlord Portal click here.

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