Information We Require from Landlords

Standard information

As a regulator we require registered social landlords (RSLs) to provide certain standard information on a regular basis each year.

What landlords need to send and by when: 


Opening date

Closing date

Annual Return on the Charter

1 April

31 May

Annual Return on the
Energy Efficiency Standard
for Social Housing
1 April 31 May

Annual accounts

1 August

30 September

Annual Assurance Statements  1 April  31 October 

Five Year Financial Projections

1 April

30 June

Loan Portfolio (annual return)      

1 May

30 June

Loan Portfolio (in-year return)      

Always open to record ‘significant events’

Notifiable Events

RSLs are required any material, significant or exceptional issue, event, or change within its organisation and how it intends to deal with it, or where appropriate provide us with a reasonably detailed explanation as to why a significant change has been implemented. Please see our regulatory guidance for requirements.


If you have an enquiry about our information requirements please contact us.