Challenging regulatory decisions: reviews and appeals

We are committed to being as transparent, open and accessible as we can be in our work. From 1 April 2016 two new mechanisms are available to challenge our regulatory decisions.


The review process is a quick, straightforward and informal way for us to look again at a regulatory decision. We would expect reviews to be the first method of challenge to our decisions in most cases.

Read the guidance on how to request a review of a regulatory decision


The appeals process is a formal reassessment, available for certain regulatory decisions.

Read the guidance on how to request an appeal of a regulatory decision 

A panel of three people will consider each appeal. Two of the three panel members will be SHR Board members. The third member will be drawn from a pool of six external panel members and will have an advisory role. The six external  panel members are all member of the Scottish Charity Appeal Panel (SCAP).

SCAP is a statutory panel, set up to hear appeals under certain circumstances from bodies regulated by the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR). It is well-established, independent, and has a regulatory appeals focus. Recruitment to SCAP was open and public.  These individuals will carry out this work for us in a private capacity. It is not part of their remit or role as part of SCAP. The six external panel members are:

  • Joseph Hughes
  • Gary McIlravey
  • John Walker
  • Nicholas Morris
  • Patricia Paton
  • Catriona Whitfield

We will check for any potential conflict of interest on a case by case basis and we will allocate external members to individual appeals on a rotation basis.

You can find out more about SCAP, along with some biographical information about the members, at its website.