How We Involve Tenants and Other Service Users

People who use social landlords’ services are at the heart of our work. The people we identify as service users are:

  • Tenants and their families: just under 600,000 households live in homes owned and managed by social landlords.  This is around a fifth of all households in Scotland
  • People who are homeless: around 40,000 people seek help from local authorities each year as a result of homelessness or potential homelessness
  • Gypsies/Travellers: over 2,000 Gypsy/Travellers who use the services of official sites provided by social landlords
  • Owners and occupiers who receive factoring services from a local authority or RSL:  Around 118, 000 people who own their home receive services from social landlords

Engaging with service users and involving them in our work is a key part of our regulatory approach. It helps make our work accountable, relevant and transparent.

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