Scottish Housing Quality Standard (SHQS)

The Scottish Housing Quality Standard (SHQS) was introduced by the Scottish Government in February 2004 with the target that all homes rented from social landlords should meet this standard by April 2015. In March 2011, the Scottish Government published documents to provide additional guidance on SHQS and to clarify its definition. This included a detailed description of each element, a non-technical guide to the Standard, the policy on exemptions, and a guide to potential cost savings.

It is our duty to monitor landlords' progress towards the SHQS target. Monitoring is carried out through the annual SHQS data returns we require from landlords and Progress Reports are available at the bottom of this page.

SHQS Progress Reports

You can access our annual progress reports based on these returns up to 2012/13 by clicking on the links below:

Reporting on SHQS for 2013/14 and beyond is included in our reporting on Scottish Social Housing Charter

SHQS Progress Report 2012/13

SHQS Progress Report 2011/12

SHQS Progress Report 2010/11

SHQS Progress Report 2009/10

SHQS Progress Report 2008/09

SHQS Progress Report 2007/08