Engagement Plans

As part of the changes introduced by our our new Regulatory Framework, we have published an engagement plan for every Scottish social landlord. 

Our engagement plans describe the level of engagement we will have with social landlords and are the outcome of our annual risk assesment. 

We will publish a regulatory status for every RSL after landlords complete their first annual assurance statements by October this year. 


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Note: Where an RSL is a subsidiary of another RSL, we publish one engagement plan for the group.


Systemic importance

We refer to a small number of RSLs as ‘systemically important’ because of their stock size, turnover or level of debt or because of their significance within their area of operation. We need to maintain a comprehensive understanding of how their business models operate and the risks they face, so we seek some additional assurance through our engagement plans. 

Systemically important RSLs 2019


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