You can use the options below to search for an SHR publication by name, publication type or date of publication.  You can also use the search facility to find archived documents published by our predecessor organisation.

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If you would like to see the documents related to our predecessor organisation's engagement with individual landlords, you can view a full list of archived Inspection Reports and Regulation Plans.

Title Publication type Publish Date
National Report on the Scottish Social Housing Charter - Headline Findings 2016/17 Regulatory Analysis 31/08/2017
National Panel of Tenants and Service Users - 4th Year Report Corporate Publications 21/08/2017
Self-assessing against Regulatory Standards: A thematic inquiry - August 2017 Regulatory Analysis 7/08/2017
Michael Cameron - Blog - The importance of independent assurance - June 2017 Speeches and Presentations 4/07/2017
Statutory intervention in Wellhouse Housing Association - June 2017 Regulatory Analysis 22/06/2017
Fire Safety Advice - Letter to all social landlords Regulatory Advice Notes 16/06/2017
SHR Liaison Group Minutes - March 2017 Corporate Publications 19/05/2017
Michael Cameron - Blog - Good governance is critical - May 2017 Speeches and Presentations 10/05/2017
Outcome from our 2017 risk assessment Regulatory Assessment 5/05/2017
What we will do in 2017/18 Corporate Publications 28/04/2017
Systemically Important RSLs 2017 Regulatory Assessment 31/03/2017
List of Regulation Plans 2017 Regulatory Assessment 31/03/2017
Analysis of the Finances of Registered Social Landlords 2016 Regulatory Analysis 30/03/2017
Analysis of the Annual Loan Portfolio Returns at 31 March 2016 Regulatory Analysis 28/03/2017
Development of Affordable Housing in Scotland - a thematic inquiry Regulatory Assessment 22/03/2017
Complaints Handling by Social Landlords in Scotland - A thematic inquiry Regulatory Assessment 28/02/2017
SHR Liaison Group Minutes - November 2016 Corporate Publications 27/02/2017
Michael Cameron - Blog - Whistleblowers should be celebrated not isolated - February 2017 Speeches and Presentations 21/02/2017
Memorandum of Understanding between Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator and the Scottish Housing Regulator Corporate Publications 3/02/2017
Regulation Plans 2017 Regulatory Assessment 1/02/2017