31 May 2018
Safeguarding and promoting tenants’ and service users’ interests to remain at the heart of Regulator’s work in 2018/19
30 May 2018
Housing Regulator signals higher visibility for equalities in new regulatory framework
25 May 2018
Housing Regulator welcomes Gypsy/Travellers progress report
17 May 2018
Recruitment plans for the Scottish Housing Regulator’s Board
29 March 2018
Housing Regulator takes statutory actions at Ruchazie Housing Association
29 March 2018
Regulator publishes its plans to engage with social landlords
29 March 2018
Glasgow City Council not housing people who are homeless quickly enough, finds Regulator
26 March 2018
Regulator’s report shows landlords continue to deliver a strong financial performance
23 March 2018
Regulator publishes report on its statutory intervention in Molendinar Park
20 March 2018
Housing Regulator pays tribute to its former chair


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