17 November 2018
Regulator puts assurance, openness and transparency centre-stage at tenant conference
16 November 2018
Kincardine Housing Co-operative to transfer to Grampian Housing Association following Regulator’s decision
15 November 2018
Sector finances remain strong, but major challenges lie ahead, says Regulator
13 November 2018
SHR publishes updated regulation plan
08 November 2018
SHR publishes updated regulation plan
06 November 2018
Housing Regulator launches British Sign Language Plan
26 October 2018
Join the Scottish Housing Regulator Board to help safeguard and promote tenants’ interests
23 October 2018
Social landlords must take immediate action to meet minimum site standards for Gypsy/Travellers, says Regulator
11 October 2018
Regulator ends statutory intervention at Antonine Housing Association
09 October 2018
Regulator launches consultation on the future of social housing regulation in Scotland


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