29 June 2018
Regulator highlights importance of providing good quality, accessible information on homelessness services
27 June 2018
Housing Regulator welcomes recommendations of Homelessness and Rough Sleeping Action Group
25 June 2018
Regulator’s new National Panel report explores people’s experiences of the homelessness system
19 June 2018
Housing Regulator launches consultation on British Sign Language Plan
08 June 2018
SHR publishes new regulation plan
08 June 2018
Regulator talks tenant voice and landlord self-assurance at national tenant conference
07 June 2018
Regulator welcomes feedback on its communications
07 June 2018
SHR publishes revised regulation plan
31 May 2018
Safeguarding and promoting tenants’ and service users’ interests to remain at the heart of Regulator’s work in 2018/19
30 May 2018
Housing Regulator signals higher visibility for equalities in new regulatory framework


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