Social landlords continue to perform well

31 August 2016

Scottish social landlords are continuing to perform well across almost all of the standards and outcomes of the Scottish Social Housing Charter. This is the main finding of a new report published today by the Scottish Housing Regulator.

The Regulator’s report gives the headline findings of its third, national analysis of landlords’ performance against the Charter standards and outcomes.  It shows overall, landlords continue to deliver good services and tenant satisfaction remains high, with nine out of ten social housing tenants satisfied with the overall service their landlord provides.

Tenants’ satisfaction with their landlord’s repairs and maintenance has improved. Landlords are responding almost two hours faster on average to emergency repairs since the first year of the Charter.

There is a stronger relationship between value for money and tenant satisfaction this year. Overall, tenants are more satisfied that their landlord offers value for money and landlords’ average planned rent increases are down from 3.5% in 2013/14 to 1.9% in 2015/16.

In publishing its national analysis significantly earlier than in previous years, the Regulator is helping landlords and others to make the most of this rich data on social housing. This is the first year the Regulator has published its analysis alongside its individual 2015/16 landlord reports and comparison tool.

The landlord reports and comparison tool let tenants and landlords find out about and compare their landlord’s performance and benchmark performance against the national average.

Kay Blair, the Regulator’s Chair, said: “The overall picture for landlords is one of continued strong performance.  This is really good news for tenants. Underneath the national picture of course, performance varies. Some landlords have more work to do than others to improve.

“Publishing our national analysis at the same time as our individual landlord reports means tenants and landlords can see a fuller picture of performance earlier this year.  I hope our information helps tenants to engage with their landlords and work together to further improve services.”

Over the coming months the Regulator will publish a new series of short, accessible reports looking in more detail at specific areas of performance. The new reports will draw from information it has gathered on landlord performance and its work with its National Panel of Tenants and Service Users on tenants’ experiences and priorities.

Read our National Report on the Scottish Social Housing Charter: Headline Findings 2015/16

Read our landlord reports and use our comparison tool


Notes to editors: 
  1. The Scottish Housing Regulator was established on 1 April 2011 under the Housing (Scotland) Act 2010. Its objective is to safeguard and promote the interests of tenants and others who use local authority and RSL housing services. The Regulator operates independently of Scottish Ministers and is accountable directly to the Scottish Parliament. It assumed its full regulatory responsibilities on 1 April 2012.  The Regulator consists of the Chair and five Board members.
  2. SHR regulates around 160 registered social landlords and the housing and homelessness activities of 32 local authorities.
  3. The Scottish Government’s Social Housing Charter came into force in April 2012. The Charter sets out the standards and outcomes that tenants can expect from social landlords. The Regulator’s role is to monitor and assess landlords’ performance against the Charter, which it does through its regulatory assessments, published analysis and thematic work.
  4. The Regulator’s National Report on the Scottish Social Housing Charter: Headline Findings also includes information on social landlords progress towards the Energy Efficiency Standard for Social Housing (EESSH).
  5. An introductory video of the Scottish Housing Regulator’s landlord reports and Comparison Tool are available on its website.
  6. All of the information landlords submitted to the Regulator as part of their Annual Return on the Charter is available to download on the Regulator’s website.
  7. The Scottish Housing Regulator won two Holyrood 2015 Connect Awards for its work to deliver the landlord report and comparison tool.
  8. This is the Regulator’s third National Analysis and Landlord Reports. The Regulator’s earlier National Reports on the Scottish Social Housing Charter  are available on its website at