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RSLs’ financial statements now available

23 November 2018

We have today published RSLs’ audited financial statements for 2017/18. 

The financial statements are available in ‘CSV’ format, which lets you carry out your own analysis and benchmarking and can be found here

We have also made PDF versions of the financial statements for the past 5 years available on the directory.

If there is any additional data that you would find useful, please contact us.

We will publish detailed analysis and regulatory comment during 2019 as part of our annual review of the RSL sector’s financial position. 

The headline figures for 2017/18 are:

  • Expenditure on development, including spending on new homes increased by 12.2% (16/17 24.5%) to £905.8m (16/17 £807.0m).
  • Turnover for the sector increased by 3.6% (16/17 -1.6%) to £1.616b (16/17 £1.560b).
  • Operating costs were £1.296b (16/17 £1.262b) representing 80.2% (16/17 80.9%) of turnover.
  • Staff costs at £438.8m (16/17 £423.8m) remain as the single largest item of operating expenditure
  • Total debt rose to £4.130b (16/17 £3.950b) and interest payable was £169m (16/17 £166.7m).