Regulator highlights the importance of handling complaints well

28 February 2017

The Scottish Housing Regulator today published a report highlighting the importance of social landlords handling complaints well.

The Regulator's national inquiry report looks at how social landlords handle complaints and how they apply the standards in the Scottish Social Housing Charter and the Scottish Public Services Ombudsman's Model Complaints Handling Policy.

The Regulator’s report examines how social landlords promote their complaints policy and how straightforward it is to complain. It also looks at how landlords use complaints to improve services, and what information landlords give tenants and other service users about their complaints handling performance.

It found that most of the landlords welcomed complaints, had accessible complaints policies and handled complaints well. It also found that some could do more to promote their complaints policy, and make better use of feedback.

Christine Macleod, Director of Regulation (Governance & Performance) said:

“An open and responsive approach to complaints can help landlords improve the services they provide. When something goes wrong, tenants and other service users need to be able to find out how to make a complaint, and for it to be considered quickly and thoroughly.

“We found most of the landlords we looked at are doing this well. But some need to do more to improve how they handle complaints. We’ve shared positive practice and recommended ways landlords can improve how they deal with complaints.”

The Regulator’s thematic inquiry involved in-depth landlord case studies and mystery shopping by its tenant advisors. The Regulator also spoke directly with tenants on its National Panel of Tenants and Service Users and analysed national performance information.

You can read the report here.

Notes to editors: 
  1. The Scottish Housing Regulator was established on 1 April 2011 under the Housing (Scotland) Act 2010. Its objective is to safeguard and promote the interests of tenants and others who use local authority and RSL housing services. The Regulator operates independently of Scottish Ministers and is accountable directly to the Scottish Parliament. It assumed its full regulatory responsibilities on 1 April 2012. The Regulator consists of the Chair and four Board members. More information about the Regulator can be found on its website at
  1. SHR regulates around 160 registered social landlords and the housing activities of 32 local authorities.
  1. SHR sets out how it regulates social landlords in its published framework – Regulation of Social Housing in Scotland.




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