Submit data: what we need and when

How registered social landlords (RSLs) can send information to us, what we need and when.


30 July 2019

What we need and when

What landlords need to send to us 

Opening date 

Closing date 

Annual Return on the Scottish Social Housing Charter  1 April  31 May 
Annual Return on the Energy Efficiency Standard for Scotland  1 April  31 May 
Annual Accounts 1 August 30 September
Annual Assurance Statements 1 April 31 October
Five Year Financial Projections 1 April 30 June
Loan Portfolio
(annual return)
1 May 30 June
Loan Portfolio
(in-year return)
Always open to record 'significant events'  

Other things to let us know about

We need to know about any material, significant or exceptional issue, event, or change within its organisation. Read our notifiable events guidance to find our what you need to tell us about.


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