17 June 2016

We have developed a list of individuals which we will use to select suitable candidates when we make statutory appointments to social landlords (RSLs and local authorities).

We can appoint a statutory manager to a landlord if we identify serious risks to tenants’ interests. We will only do this where it is the most proportionate way to tackle identified risks and protect the interests of tenants and service users. Our document ‘How we appoint managers and governing body members’ gives further information about our powers to appoint statutory managers and how we will use the list.

We carried out an open selection process to develop our statutory manager list. We advertised for applicants and then assessed each application against a defined list of experience, skills and knowledge required for such appointments using a balancing quality and price process.

We developed the list to be open and transparent about the people we will select and to help control costs for landlords who pay for the statutory manager. The list also gives us a way to quickly access people with the right skills, experience and knowledge when we need to.

Following our selection process we have selected the following individuals to be part of our statutory manager list:

Derek Cash

Rosemary Farrar

David Jepson

Margaret Lightbody

John Mulholland

Paul Rydquist

We are now updating our list of statutory managers. If you have the skills, apply before 26 August.

Find out more about the statutory manager role and how to apply>