Our Landlord Report - Tenants' views

Find out what tenants have been saying about our Landlord Reports and the new feature of our Comparison Tool that lets you compare performance year-on-year:   

Stuart Maskell has been a tenant of Glasgow West Housing Association for just over two years. Stuart said: “Having this type of information accessible from the regulator is quite commendable as it helps to provide transparency across the industry. Not all the tenants will be able to understand annual reports from their housing associations so this is a more simplified way of providing the detail across some of the most important areas of service. Being able to review a landlord’s report and compare this against others is a good way of understanding whether tenants are getting value for money and the ability to look back on previous reports further demonstrates quality of performance.”

Sixty-six year old Michael Teasdale has been an Aberdeenshire Council tenant for 16 years. Michael said: “This is the perfect type of tool for tenants to understand how their housing association is performing year on year and in comparison to results from other landlords. It’s good to know what the council is doing with its money and rent funding and I would hope providing information in this way will help to create a better understanding and relationship between tenants and landlords.”

Father of three, 40 year old Hugh Moodie and his family are tenants of Argyll Community Housing Association in Argyll & Bute. Hugh said: “I think the information within the reports are really interesting and it’s also good to be able to see how my housing association has performed against other local landlords as well as those in other areas. I tend to get a feeling of how my Housing Association is doing from discussions with the rest of the community but having the reports available provides the real facts and figures. Now that there’s the added tool to compare results against the year before it provides evidence of whether or not an association has fulfilled its promises to tenants and, on the whole, I think this could encourage Housing Associations to try to continuously improve on their services.”

Fiona White, a tenant of North Ayrshire Council, said: “Whilst I think North Ayrshire Council provides a great service to tenants I think it’s good to have access to reports and the ability to see where my own landlord stands in comparison to others. I would be able to use the reports for background information if I ever wanted to discuss any issues I had with the quality of specific services. Being able to look back at previous years helps me to understand if my landlord is adhering to regulations, getting things right or performing better than it previously has been.”

Stephen Elliott, from Dundee, has been a Hillcrest Housing Association tenant for 19 years. Stephen said: “I think many people will be interested in using the landlord reports to see how their own landlord is performing and checking if they are getting value for money. It’s an easy system to navigate and being able to look back and compare results against last year can help in the future if you want to find out if a landlord is successfully dealing with any areas that they had committed to improve.”

Eighty-one year old Alex Macnair, who is a tenant of East Renfrewshire Council, said: “It’s good to have the ability to see how my landlord is performing and how this compares against previous years. I also think having the online video guide showing you how to search for information is a good tool for people like me who have basic computer skills.”

Angus resident, Dawn Sinclair is a Blackwood Housing Association tenant and used the Scottish Housing Regulator Landlords Reports recently to compare her landlord against another who has offered her alternative social housing. Dawn said: “The reports and web tool have been great resources for me to decide if I want to move into a property looked after by a different landlord as I was able to compare its performance against my own housing association. In the past, many people in my position or those approaching a social landlord for housing would go on word of mouth to decide what’s best for them, but now important facts and figures can be easily found through the reports to make an informed choice. Being able to compare year on year results is also a great way of monitoring the quality of the services landlords provide.”