Feedback and complaints about us

We welcome comments, feedback and suggestions from individuals and organisations we engage with.  These help us to improve the way we work.

Likewise, complaints give us valuable information. We are committed to resolving dissatisfaction at the earliest opportunity and where a problem occurs we want to prevent the issue that led to the complaint from happening again.

We also recognise that our staff can be in situations that can be challenging and difficult. Please treat our staff with the same courtesy and respect that you would expect to receive from them. We will protect staff from unacceptable behaviour and/or actions such as unreasonable persistence, threats or offensive behaviour. We have adopted the Scottish Government's policy on managing unacceptable behaviour.

If you would like to comment, complain or make a suggestion, please contact us.


You may wish to use our feedback and complaints form.


Our complaints handling procedures give more information about making a complaint to us, and our procedure for responding to complaints.


Complaints about a landlord

Find out how to make a complaint or raise a concern about a housing organisation or homelessness service